PC Wizards started out in the Summer of 2008 with the idea that superior customer service should complement superior technical service. With our first consulting job we took the idea of consulting and expanded it to the prospect of operating a full-time business. Armed with a laptop computer, some manageable marketing and desktop publishing skills and not a whole lot of money, we took a stack of fliers and found a suitable neighborhood as our test bed. Driving around while my Nephew hung out the window of our trusty beat-up Hyundai we stuffed mailboxes upon mailboxes full of fliers. After some false starts, some warning phone calls from the U.S. Postal Service about mailbox advertising regulation and numerous days spent walking the streets in the hot summer weather passing out an endless stream of fliers, luck prevailed and we landed our first client. 3 phone calls in one day and we had the beginnings of a client base. We made a lot of mistakes, we learned a lot and we worked hard to keep a professional appearance and demeanor. Those first few months were spent carefully and dillegently cultivating and honing our clientele. To say we went the extra mile for a client is an understatement. Especially at the rates we were charging back then! But it was a learning experience and helped to make a name for ourselves in this local industry. Today we still go that extra mile – and then some!

With a diverse client base came diverse technical needs. We were presented with much more than the normal break/fix that we were used to dealing with in our lab during the early days of consulting. This time we were in people’s homes in a very exclusive neighborhood comprised of busy professionals and home workers. From event organizers and charity planners to Doctors and CEO’s, their busy lives demanded quick and accurate service. Not only were we in people’s homes, we were dealing with complex software issues. We had to learn new software programs on the fly as we were troubleshooting. Many late nights on Google and tech support bulletins enhanced our skill set. Suddenly it was much more than hardware break/fix – it was delivering software and network solutions. But we fed off of this stress and complimented each other’s skills to deliver the right solution.

We thrived in this environment. The constant learning and troubleshooting/testing was invigorating. Quickly solving a client’s issue and teaching them new methods of using their technology to give a more streamlined result was satisfying. That resulted in quick word-of-mouth referrals and return patronage. Today some of those clients are still with us. That is a testament to the service we bring to you.

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