• What are your rates?
    • Our rates are very competitive and, we believe, fair. Would you take your car to someone with no to little experience and pay them $15 and hour? Craigslist is rife with these “techs” offering to fix your computer for ridiculously low rates or even at a set rate of $35. Most of these hooligans utilize software full of mal-ware and which are not legit. Your computer, like your car, requires an experienced tech with the proper tools, training and experience to remedy your issue.

      Therefore our rates are as follows:

      Drop-offs: $45/hr. with a minimum of one hour.

      Service calls: $55/hr. with a minimum of one hour.

      For service calls further than 20 miles from our location, we do charge a $45 transportation fee.

      Keep in mind most computer jobs can be done within 3 hours. Even most reformats average just $135 and most laptop screen repairs average $90-$135.

  • What type of payment methods do you accept?
    • Currently we accept cash and checks.
  • What are your hours? Do I drop off or will you come to me?
    • It’s simple – we’re pretty much a 24/7 365 operation. Having a home based business affords us the advantage of being able to open our door for a drop off at late hours or an emergency service call to your location. The only closings we have are for the following Holidays:

      • Mother’s Day
      • Independence Day
      • Halloween
      • Thanksgiving
      • Christmas
      • New Years Eve
  • What do you mean by reformatting?
    • Sometimes your computer will have a virus infection too deep to remove all of the traces with our scanning software. Other times you will have a computer in which the operating system has become corrupted and damaged, either from a virus or perhaps a hard system crash. In these instances the only real way of properly getting your computer back to optimum performance is to reformat. Reformatting is the process of erasing the hard drive and installing the operating system back, along with the associated drivers and system software. Reformatting will actually make your computer run better than ever, since you are starting off from a clean slate. Make note, however, that a reformat will not include software that you’ve bought and installed. You will need to provide your software installation CDs. We do install the basic apps such as anti-virus and productivity. We also take note of any apps that can be downloaded for free, and we re-install those. We also make every effort to back up your data and restore it to your reformatted machine.
  • Why did it take so long for my part to arrive?
    • The real issues are for laptop parts. We only stock 10% of replacement parts for those. Each laptop uses about 80% unique parts. That means your laptop may only take 1 specific part and there is no way we can stock them all. When that happens, we have to special order your part. 75% of the time, we can order from a domestic vendor. The wait for those types of parts is only 3-6 days. In the rare instances we have to special order an international part, the wait can be up to 6 weeks.
  • Is your wireless secure? What about my data?
    • Our wireless router is enabled with the latest IEEE standards for security and encryption. Our network is password protected and we never give out our WEP password to friends and neighbors. As for your data – it is stored on a dedicated external hard drive for a period of 2 months. After that time the data is deleted unless the client requests us to keep it longer. We do offer data archival storage plans at a reasonable rate. Our hard drives are always stored in-lab and never taken out of the premises. Your privacy and data safety is of utmost importance to PC Wizards. We have numerous guidelines that we adhere to keep your data safe.