The answer is clear – low overhead equals low rates. Our prices are 20% lower than most of our competitors. We also have more experience – over 20 years of hardware break/fix and software experience. Our lead technician Greg got his start working on personal computers in Middle School, working on the Apple II. Where others struggled, Greg excelled and was soon tutoring fellow students and helping teachers recover crashed computers. This new frontier grabbed Greg’s attention and held it throughout school and beyond. PC Wizards was born in August of 2008, after Greg saw a lack of customer service tailored to the average computer user. Big box stores were churning out wave after wave of unhappy customers. The solution was clear – bridge the technical aspect of computer repair with hands-on, superior customer service. That credo is the hallmark of PC Wizards. It is why our customers continue to recommend us and why we have long-term relationships with our clients.

Our philosophy is to educate our clients so they can become as productive as they can. To see a client who in the past was uneasy about getting online and checking email to actively chat with their loved ones and use the internet to shop and make their lives easier is priceless. We can honestly say that in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region, you will not find as good of a customer service experience than with PC Wizards. We back this claim up with extensive technical knowledge and, most importantly, experience. We have literally seen it all. PC Wizards also has earned a reputation for getting the cases that seem unsolvable. Our troubleshooting skills are unparalleled. Our technicians have spent countless hours studying the various strains of computer viruses and malware. This is an ongoing endeavor, and we are partners with several leading national cyber security organizations which enable us both the ability to learn of the latest in computer threats and also report these threats for review. One of our cyber security specialties is social media security. PC Wizards can help you manage you or your children’s online presence.

Here at PC Wizards we are able to solve all of your technical needs. From simple upgrades to damaged laptops, we do it all. Where other companies may turn you away, we never shy away from the most impossible or intimidating job. Our history of laptop repair is unparalleled. We can diagnose down to the component level and troubleshoot an operating system to the forensic level down to the kernel. We have replaced laptop screens and fixed overheating graphics chip issues to upgrading memory and hard drives. We’ve built custom desktop towers with the best aftermarket parts and we can tune up that old computer to run almost new. We can help you with a slow network and set up a new home office. From computer repair to networking, PC Wizards does it all.

Give us a call today at 513-620-7444 or contact us online. We promise a quick turn around time and affordable rates!